blueberry at 32 weeks!

wow. i am such a failure! i can't believe i haven't posted since january! BOO! :( i can't even say i was extremely busy... i was just working my same schedule and only taking one class. hmmm... we started house hunting the end of February which was exciting! by March, we had made an offer on one in Syracuse and our offer was accepted! so, the end of March we moved in! we love love love our new wonderful house! it fits us perfectly! Bogey LOVES having a yard to run around and play in! and i love not having to pick up his poop hehehe :)

tj had a second knee operation the beginning of April... so far it seems to have been a better success. only time will tell... :)

i am getting pretty gigantic. i suppose that is to be expected by now. i am now up nearly 30 pounds {EEGADZOOKS!} but i don't appear that big thankfully! one advantage of being super tall.... ;) i have been loving everything blueberry! blueberry bagels, waffles, cereal, oatmeal, biscuits, ANYTHING! my favorite tho is blueberry banana shakes! yum! :)

we painted the room that will be Barrett's nursery :) the crib is set up and almost all of his clothes and cloth diapers are washed and ready! at my appointment on April 6, i was 29 weeks along and he was already nearly 4 pounds. needless to say, we will apparently be having a toddler instead of an infant lol yikes for me! i am very excited about going to the doc again tomorrow to see how big he is now :) i will try to do better at keeping ya'll updated! :)