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ahhh! last night was such a freaking blast! :) we got to see jeff dunham! we had an incredible time! i'm so thankful for our great friends eric and jill and that we were able to go down there :) tj got us really awesome seats right on the floor! on the way down there, we stopped and ate at california pizza kitchen YUM! :) then we walked across the street to the energy solutions arena and enjoyed trombone guy, guitar guy, and jeff dunham :) if you haven't seen his videos, i would really suggest looking them up! and then next time, when he's here, YOU CAN COME TOO :)

and here is my friend jill and me waiting for jeff dunham to come on stage :) i know it's blurry sorry :) but we had so much fun!


a little encouragement

finally! i am feeling a little bit of relief! so i am so anxious and ready to be a nurse! i just feel like i'll never get to that point and there are so many times i have been discouraged! however, not today! today, i was doing some research on other options to getting into a nursing program [one that won't cost more than a new car] where i meet the requirements. i found one!

ogden weber atc. plus, i didn't miss the application deadline! i am ecstatic! the early application deadline is february 1 and the regular deadline is march 1. so really, i can do this! i am beyond excited! even if i don't get in, i feel like i am doing what i can. remember, you have to go to the stop sign!


funny how the tables can turn

and not always in a bad way! today at work i got the pleasure of taking care of a woman who used to take care of me. not in the same way but still :) she used to be one of my bosses. i really admire her and she always had my back. i was so so so sad when she left to go work elsewhere. i always appreciated her kindness and the way she ran things. anyway, she recently had surgery and it was nice to be able to return the favor. i guess it kind of reminds us all the always be kind. because in reality, the tables can always turn.....

17 weeks....

 well, i am now 17 weeks along. that's nearly halfway! i'm so excited! i must say i've been so blessed with the easiest pregnancy. well compared to friends anyway... :) we found out we're having a BOY! we are so excited! we are thinking of the name Barrett James Ridl for now. Tj loves the name Barrett and James because that way we can still kind of carry on the family name a little bit. minus the theodore part ;) which is good with me! :) we have our next appointment on the 31st of january! that one is going to be so fun because that's when they do all the measurements and make sure everything is going well in there :) 

everything else is going great for us :) tj got promoted to tech sergeant at work which he has been waiting for for a long time! work is the same for me... nothing new. which is fine. i did go back to school on the third. i am taking pathophysiology. i'm really excited about the material i get to learn in this class. however, i am pretty nervous because it's going to be a REALLY difficult class! other than that, not much else is new for us.

tj did surprise me the other night. when i came home from work he had bought and set up the pack and play/bassinet i was wanting. :) that was a GREAT surprise! :) because we don't know where we'll be when barrett is born, we're planning on just having the bassinet for now until we are more settled into our new place. all we know is that we DON'T want to be in the yucky apartment anymore so our goal is to find a house. otherwise, we'll find a new rental.... hopefully. :) all we do know is that we do not want to set up a nursery here and then have to move everything. ugh that sounds like a pain. we already have enough stuff to move!

i did find a new "exercise" that i enjoy. i did prenatal yoga for the first time yesterday. it was a little tricky in that i'm not very flexible or balanced. but afterwords, i did feel so great! i felt like everything was loosened up... my back felt better, as well as my hips. i'm really excited to keep doing it to see if i get more flexible and more balanced. we shall see :)