"I Do!" ....or shall I say did! :)


holy cow! i cannot believe that tj and i have been married for an entire year! it has seriously flown by! :) i'm so proud of us! i know that sounds super cheesy but really i am! we did a great job! ;) let me tell you this year has been amazing! our wedding was so beautiful and perfect! i wouldn't have changed a thing about it! the next month, we found out we were expecting! then the holidays happened and then we went on our snowmobile trip! after that, we bought a house and moved! we got our house somewhat set up, especially the baby's room. then we had a BABY! :) we've had a few months with our little guy! anyway, it's been an incredible year and i feel so blessed! i really can't believe how fast it's gone and i am scared that it's just going to keep passing by so fast! it definitely makes me appreciate what i have and makes me want to enjoy every minute of it! 


Barrett's room!

 So the other day at work, I was trying to show a friend pictures of Barrett's room. Unfortunately, I only had a couple {not very great} pictures up. I decided to put up all the pics I have of the room so I can show it off later whenever I want! :)

 Bogey wanted to be in the picture. Isn't he the cutest dog ever?! :)

It seems kind of cluttered in some of the pictures but it's not like that anymore because now the clutter has spread to the rest of the house! Those with kiddos will understand! :)


 my monkey boy is ready for the game!

 this is Bailey, Barrett's future wife. lol ;) we made them cuddle at the park! haha :)

 sorry, I know this pic is grainy but I LOVE it!

this isn't the best picture of TJ or me (he was talking and I just look ....) but I like it because that's TJ's jet! see his name up there by where the pilot sits?! :) I'm so proud of my hubs!


super busy week!

This week has been a blast! We have done so much it's flown by!!! Last Saturday, TJ had duty on base but at about 10 am he came and picked up the squishy boy and me! We went up there and got to take a picture of our little family with TJ's jet and then we hung out with Steven, Megan, Hunter, and Bailey as well as Uncle Buck. They had all kinds of free stuff for the guys and kiddos and fun games, a splash pad, and bouncy castle for the kids to play in. They also had Famous Dave's catering the food! YUM! :) Barrett did so great! He didn't cry at all and only fussed a little bit! I'm pretty sure he was showing off for his future wife and inlaws! ;) At the end of the day, we were sitting on the grass after the Neil McCoy concert and we made Barrett and Bailey "cuddle." Haha Megan and I were laughing so hard! TJ and Steven thought we were dumb. LOL

On Sunday, the little monkey boy and I went to my parents' house and helped grandpa can! We made Spicy Peach BBQ sauce and peach jam! We also made Fiesta Salsa but that was later that evening. Sunday afternoon Katie came over for a visit and we had so much fun! She even got to give Barrett a bath! :) He was all smiles for her it was super cute! :)

The week was pretty standard. Yuck. Haha.... Daddy worked a lot and momma even worked the entire week. Yep. FIVE DAYS IN A ROW! On Friday, grandpa Hooven got to hear Barrett's laugh for the first time! :) It makes me so happy to listen to him "talk" or laugh! He really does have the sweetest voice and he completely melts my heart! I'm loving being a mommy and I am so blessed! I am enjoying every single moment and can't wait for every milestone! It just passes by too fast so I have to remind myself to cherish everything! :)

Today [Saturday] we went to grandma and grandpa hooven's again to help can! We had so much fun again! :) We found out Bob and Trish are pregnant again so it was really fun to see Beth "practice" interacting with Barrett! She decided that now she wanted a little brother instead of a little sister haha :) Derek and Valerie were there too and Valerie was loving spending time with the drool monster. We all enjoyed each others company and we made pickles and more Fiesta salsa. My dad even made pickled beets so we'll have to see how that turns out! Anyway, I'm exhausted after the busy day and after that terribly long week so I promise I will post pictures of all our activities! Hopefully tomorrow! :)


edited to add.

i just thought this was appropriate after my last post.... you should probably check out this awesome song. her voice is beautiful.

random assortment of nothing important

welcome to september :) it has come to my attention that my anniversary is in 22 days! i cannot believe how quickly this past year has flown by!! God has definitely blessed me like crazy! i have an incredible hubby who is so supportive and exactly what i need. he keeps me grounded and focused and i just can't imagine life without him. so thanks babe! :) i have a silly naughty little puppy who likes to cause troubles but he is so entertaining i love it! and i even have the cutest, chubbiest, monkey-est little guy and i seriously don't quite know how my life was without him! he makes me so happy! it never ceases to amaze me how quickly life (especially his) passes by!

           "Yet you do not know about what may happen tomorrow. What is the nature of your life? You are but a wisp of vapor (a puff of smoke, a mist) that is visible for a little while and then disappears."   John 4:14 It definitely makes you think more about what you should do while you're here and what kind of legacy you want to leave.... it does for me anyway.....

i am loving the change in the season. i guess now that it's labor day weekend i can say that summer is officially over but it's still warm in the day which is kind of nice. in the evening and at night though there is a definite "crispy-ness" in the air and i absolutely love that fall is on it's way :) anyway, i am just thoroughly enjoying everything i have been blessed with in my life and thought i would share some snippets with you! of course there is so much more and i could go on for much longer but for now i think i want to go cuddle up with my honey. :)