Daddy is home!

YAY!!!! Dad came home very early this morning and we are unbelievably happy that he's back...

Here is our Wednesday picture of the week :)

Also, we went to the doctor this morning and baby numero dos is doing great! He/She is measuring right on track at 12 weeks and is a wiggle worm! It was crazy to me because Barrett was never that active in the beginning....


Treyson's Birthday!

Friday the 13th was the most amazing day of this year! {I might be exaggerating but I really am not sure...} Anyway, my best friend was going in to be induced that morning so I brought Barrett to spend time with his grandma and grandpa Verhoeven so I could be there for and with Steph the whole time. I am so thankful because it was SO beautiful! Everything turned out fantastically! Fortunately, Steph didn't have to be in labor for very long I think they got the pitocin going at about 830 am and he was born at 730 pm. She got the epidural I think a little before noon ish and after she had it she progressed much more quickly... The most amazing part to me was getting to see Treyson's little head come out with each push... Oh and seeing Steph pull him out and up to her chest... Honestly, in many ways it was so much more intense than when I had Barrett just because I got to see each and every thing and I wasn't drugged up or anything. [Which makes me very excited about my next birth..... :) ] Anyway, I don't know what else I could say about it but here are a few pics :)

Proud great grandma! She loved it! It was so neat to see him getting so much love!

By the way, I'm so grateful to Cathy and my dad and Ted, Laura, and Kym for watching Barrett all day so that I could be part of this amazing day.... :)

catching up....

I know I'm super behind... sorry! Anyway, here are the project52 pics for the past 5 weeks... Good grief I am a slacker!!!!




{I love this one because he's playing with TJ's boot... He loves daddy's boot :) }

He's starting to walk with his toys! It's so fun to see him growing up but also sooooo scary! Sometimes I just wish he was still a tiny little guy.... Does that make me horrible???


I just want you to know that I do have pictures for all project52 weeks that I've missed so far. I just haven't wanted to do A THING since TJ has been gone... I will post sometime... :)