"I Do!" ....or shall I say did! :)


holy cow! i cannot believe that tj and i have been married for an entire year! it has seriously flown by! :) i'm so proud of us! i know that sounds super cheesy but really i am! we did a great job! ;) let me tell you this year has been amazing! our wedding was so beautiful and perfect! i wouldn't have changed a thing about it! the next month, we found out we were expecting! then the holidays happened and then we went on our snowmobile trip! after that, we bought a house and moved! we got our house somewhat set up, especially the baby's room. then we had a BABY! :) we've had a few months with our little guy! anyway, it's been an incredible year and i feel so blessed! i really can't believe how fast it's gone and i am scared that it's just going to keep passing by so fast! it definitely makes me appreciate what i have and makes me want to enjoy every minute of it! 


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