17 weeks....

 well, i am now 17 weeks along. that's nearly halfway! i'm so excited! i must say i've been so blessed with the easiest pregnancy. well compared to friends anyway... :) we found out we're having a BOY! we are so excited! we are thinking of the name Barrett James Ridl for now. Tj loves the name Barrett and James because that way we can still kind of carry on the family name a little bit. minus the theodore part ;) which is good with me! :) we have our next appointment on the 31st of january! that one is going to be so fun because that's when they do all the measurements and make sure everything is going well in there :) 

everything else is going great for us :) tj got promoted to tech sergeant at work which he has been waiting for for a long time! work is the same for me... nothing new. which is fine. i did go back to school on the third. i am taking pathophysiology. i'm really excited about the material i get to learn in this class. however, i am pretty nervous because it's going to be a REALLY difficult class! other than that, not much else is new for us.

tj did surprise me the other night. when i came home from work he had bought and set up the pack and play/bassinet i was wanting. :) that was a GREAT surprise! :) because we don't know where we'll be when barrett is born, we're planning on just having the bassinet for now until we are more settled into our new place. all we know is that we DON'T want to be in the yucky apartment anymore so our goal is to find a house. otherwise, we'll find a new rental.... hopefully. :) all we do know is that we do not want to set up a nursery here and then have to move everything. ugh that sounds like a pain. we already have enough stuff to move!

i did find a new "exercise" that i enjoy. i did prenatal yoga for the first time yesterday. it was a little tricky in that i'm not very flexible or balanced. but afterwords, i did feel so great! i felt like everything was loosened up... my back felt better, as well as my hips. i'm really excited to keep doing it to see if i get more flexible and more balanced. we shall see :)


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