whew! it's been a super busy semester! thankfully, after my final on thursday, i'll be done until january! :) i am so so so excited about how well this semester has gone! it's such an awesome relief to be able to focus on school and not just on work and bills and money! i even got a B- in chemistry! that is a miracle! woo! :) next semester i'm taking pathophysiology and intro to sociology... i'm definitely not excited about intro to sociology because it doesn't apply to my degree but oh well.... stupid weber state has lots of weird crazy requirements.... it's crazy to think that after next semester we'll be having a baby! :)

speaking of that, we went to the doctor on the first, and everything is going great! the baby is measuring a little bit big, which really isn't surprising because neither tj or i are petite people. :) basically, i'm pretty sure we won't be having a little tiny baby. :) also, dr. naisbitt is quitting which is kind of sucky but at the same time, the doctor who is taking over his practice is awesome! his name is dr. alejo and he is so relaxed and kind. i'm excited to have a doc who isn't high stress. :)

tj and i are doing well. just trucking along with work and school and the house and all that good stuff. bogey is good too :) he got fixed a couple weeks ago and recovered perfectly. he's turning into a really good dog and has calmed down quite a bit. i am so happy he is part of our little family :) anyway, that's about all that's been going on in our lives. i am so thankful for our families and all of our awesome friends :) i'm so excited to see where else God is going to take us on our little journey of life :)


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