thought of the day....

just because you are hot does not make you attractive.

ie. yesterday, today, and pry tomorrow one of the patients was quite "easy on the eyes" if you catch my drift.... also, i won't complain about having to get his vitals. you see, he had these massive oh so delicious arms that were perfectly accentuated by his kick a$$ tats... so i'm sure you can only imagine my dilemma.... here i am acting like a bumbling fool at this patient. well, the second day he had to walk. and you see, patients, for the most part, shouldn't walk "unsupervised" so we went for a stroll around the surgical track. as we were walking he felt the need to inform me of his *importance* as the boss which, quite frankly, does not impress me. since i made this abundantly clear by crossing my arms and nodding at his meaningless remarks, he continued by name dropping. here is the best part! dan the laptop man as if i give a flying you know what about him or the people who he claims work for him. bleh. *puke* not impressed. still not giving him the reaction the rest of the women who work on our floor were giving him, he continued by explaining to me that he "can sell the whole damn store in one day".... whoopie doo.

anywho, the moral of this story is if someone is physically attractive, request that they not speak. it will only ruin your dreams....


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