.380 auto

today was a GLORIOUS day :) we started our day by going to don's meats in clearfield. we're going to a BBQ at my parents' tomorrow so we can make some plans about the wedding and just visit. we got las vegas steaks and their marinated chicken. it's going to be delicioso! :)

after that, we went to ikea :) we got a lamp for me to put next to my bed so i can read at night. also, some tupperware and curtains. i am already working on fixing up tj's apartment for when i live there... i know i still have a while lol :)

then, the best part was going to cabela's :) tj and i had been looking at getting me a pistol to take shooting when he goes. i wanted to be able to know how to handle a gun and what to do, how to shoot, how to clean a gun and all that good stuff. we had debated back and forth about what would be appropriate for me to start with. also we went over price and pros and cons of each.... after a while we were going back and forth between a .22 and a .380 because they're both pretty small and a good starting point. so at cabelas, we wanted to look at different ones and hold them and see how they fit in my hand and what i liked. we were looking at one and the salesman came up and said he had a pink one if we were interested. [btw, we had been looking at pink guns...] we said sure and before we went over to see it, tj said we were interested in looking at the Ruger LCP. the man just chuckled to himself and said, yeah, that's the pink one i was going to show you. at this point, i became ecstatic because we were going to order that one if i liked how it felt. well let me just tell you, I LOVE IT! we bought it. we also got ammo and some stuff to clean it.

well, anyway, after we got back to tj's i was just trying to get used to it and i was practicing loading the magazine with snap caps. it turns out the slide is super stiff still and i have a very weak left hand lol.... i'm not very good at getting the slide to stay back but i'm getting better. i'm definitely excited to get good at cleaning it, taking it apart and putting it back together.

i just wanted to show you how small it is. it fits in the palm of my hand! :)

on another note, i just wanted to show you how patriotic tj is :) he wanted a flag pole but here at the apartment complex, but because it's an apartment, there are so many rules about hanging things and stuff and there wasn't really anywhere to put it. so he came up with a way to hang it. he took a sheet of metal and curved it so it would hang over the outside closet door and screwed the flag pole holder into that. and now he can hang his flag up. which he did today and i'm thinking he will the rest of memorial day weekend too :)

i hope everyone has an awesome weekend! be safe!


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