wowza. i honestly can't believe i've made it to over 38 weeks in my pregnancy! i thought for sure i would be done by now! things are still great! my blood pressure has been on the high side but all my labs indicate i'm fine. {no preeclampsia} :) i am definitely ready to meet my baby boy tho! he is about eight pounds now which is so great [and a bit scary...] haha :)

 barrett's room is all ready for him to show up! his room is so perfect! i will have to take some more pics tho

here is our new bed! tj and his dad built it from scratch! they are so amazingly talented and i am soooo grateful for what they were able to do! i absolutely LOVE my new bed! it is soo nice to be able to get in and out of bed easier now :) {it was pretty tough when the mattress was on the floor} we saw a bed at cabela's that inspired our bed. however, we really weren't interested in paying nearly $2000 for it. fortunately, tj and his dad were able to build it for less than $500!!! tell me i'm a lucky girl! :)


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