oh my stars! i CANNOT believe barrett has been here for six weeks already! it's insane. it feels like he's been here forever! i just can't picture him not being here! he is 11.9 pounds as of this morning which means he's getting so big :) he is smiling all the time! especially when i talk silly to him or imitate his sounds. tj installed a ceiling fan in the main room this week which barrett LOVES too coo and smile at. i love just watching and listening to him :) he is also now sleeping more at night! YAY! he generally goes to bed around 8:30 or so and wakes up to be changed and eat at around 2 then 6 am. but he doesn't actually get up until close to 9 am! this momma is very happy about that. i do think it will start to be even longer stretches because he's been going a little longer and eating more than 4 oz at his feedings.

 anyway, we went to cali for fourth of july to see my grandparents and aunts, uncles, and cousins. we had an AMAZING time! my grandma was in absolute heaven i think... we didn't really do a lot other than visit which was the best part to me. :) i'm so grateful that we got to go down there :)

on the 31st of july, we are going to do barrett's baby dedication. we're so grateful that God blessed us with this healthy, happy, cutie and definitely want to raise him to know God. :) it'll be fun too because uncle james, aunt karen, and the kiddos are coming out. we'll also be going shooting. yay for family fun time ;)


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