day one.

today is the first day of my new diet. technically i wouldn't consider it a "diet" so much as a strict way of teaching you better eating habits. i'm doing the HCG diet with my good friend at work. we are so excited! i am hoping to do the 40 day plan. but if at day 26 i'm doing well, i may stop the drops and work on the maintenance and then do another round after a few months. anyway, i'm so excited! so i'm being super honest here {SCARY!} but on the first day, i am weighing in at 215.6 pounds. i would like to get to 180 and if i do the 40 days that is a realistic expectation. really i would say my goal weight is about 165 ish but i know i won't get to that point in one round. so for now, wish me luck! it's going to take a bunch of will power! but i know that it's always more fun when you have people to prove wrong ;p


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