a very sad day....

Today my baby turned two months! TWO FREAKIN' MONTHS Y'ALL!!!! it is absolutely insane to me how quickly the time has passed! here's a couple stats for the books ;)

6.8.11: 7 pounds 8 oz 20.5 inches long
8.8.11: 12 pounds 2.5 oz 22.5 inches long [although i'm pretty sure that silly MA mis-measured his length!]

anyway, doc says he's doing well and he's a cutie! {let's be honest though, we already knew that!} i was so so so worried about him because i knew he was going to be getting his shots today. i have never seen a baby get their shots but in my head it was this horrendous event filled with alligator tears and lots and lots of screaming. not the case. he cried for a second when the needles, yes NEEDLES [there were three!] went into his chunky monkey thighs but as soon as i picked him up he was fine. he's been really sleepy ever since he was done but now he is super content sleeping on daddy's chest, which is seriously my favorite thing to see!


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