Our Cali Trip

We left our house at 4 am on Friday the 17th and got to Cali at about 2:30 pm. We made awesome time and Barrett did great on the road. There were a few times he just wanted to get out and play so I did take him out of his seat and let him scoot around on the seat for a few minutes. Don't tell. ;)

We had a wonderful time. It was a super short trip but I'm so glad we went so that grandpa and grandma got to spend some time with Barrett (and he with them...). They all loved each other! :) Go figure.... ;) Anyway, on Friday evening we all hung out together and on Saturday Barrett and I went to the beauty shop where grandma gets her hair done so all the ladies could oogle over him. And they did a great job! Ha! He was loving all the attention. Shocking, I know. TJ helped grandpa pick some delicious fresh oranges off their tree. {Organic even! hehe} That afternoon/evening TJ and I made dinner for everyone and Aunt Mel and the girls came over too.Then grandpa, grandma, TJ and I played marbles after Barrett went to bed. It's this silly fun game that grandpa's stepmom made up all the rules for and we were joking around that she kept giving me all the twos (which could be good expect I got too many so it was bad!). We enjoyed a lot of laughs together. On Sunday, we went to church in the morning [very very early] and then everyone came over for a yummy dinner that was for my birthday. We even had my favorite cake for dessert: pineapple upside cake! Yummy :) Later that evening Uncle James, Aunt Karen and their kiddos came over and we played marble again. We definitely had a good time... Even if TJ and I had to keep going around the silly board. We went to bed and then left about 4 the next morning. So it was a very short trip but we definitely packed a ton of fun into the short time we had together.

 Barrett and I on the drive... See? He is in the car seat.

 This is one of my favorites :) I wonder if Steph would be proud of me? ;)

 Playing with Joelle

 Grandpa loves Barrett so much! He even gets on the floor to play with him!

 Love this pic :)

 Another one of my faves

 Alex and Barrett

 Ben and Barrett

Jo and Barrett


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