Today was a very busy, very fun day! TJ had reserves and has been busy preparing for it most of the week. Stephanie's shower was today so Barrett and I spent the morning getting ready for that. He didn't get much of a nap before we left at 12:30 today. I took him to spend some time with his grandma and grandpa Ridl since they haven't seen him very much lately. I went back at about 2:45 and he had just fallen asleep and then he woke up at just a little after 3. That's all he was able to nap today so this evening he was SO tired! I didn't want him to nap so late in the evening or go to bed too early but he was sitting with TJ after his bath and TJ looked down and he had fallen asleep. He didn't fuss or anything and he hadn't even had his nighttime bottle. I just wanted to show you my favorite boys.


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