finally another baby food post

Sorry to anyone who has been wondering about baby food in our neck of the woods. I can't say how much longer I'll be posting "babyfood" things because Barrett pretty much just eats whatever I am eating. However, today I HAD to do something with the four sweet potatoes I had sitting on my counter. So I baked them and then was just going to mush them up a little and put them into small tupperware containers. However, I wanted to be able to freeze them without it being a big clump. So, after they had cooled, I cut them into about 1" sections and put them into individual bags. Then I put them all into a bigger ziplock bag. I'm pretty excited about my idea. I think I'll keep this up! Even though I'm not making purees anymore, there is no reason not to keep and freeze pre-cooked veggies! We'll still be able to easily and quickly feed Barrett fresh and healthy food.

We still LOVE quinoa! Lately, I've been eating it more as a breakfast food! I love to cook it with water and then add a bunch of my grandma's amazing super chunky applesauce! Soooo good :) I also make brown rice with chicken broth and then add in two celery stalks and two large carrots chopped up pretty small.

Other things I've been really happy making and feeding Barrett are soups/stews/chili. I'm ecstatic that he loves all of these kinds of foods. My hope is that by constantly making new things and feeding them to him directly from my plate, that he'll be less picky but also learn how to make healthier food choices. It certainly keeps me in check!

I do have a question for anyone that can/wants to help! We were trying a new baby formula (temporarily) because he hardly ever has any anyway. When we did that, he got red patches all over his back, arms, and a little around his mouth. It looks like excema. Problem is, we had also been giving him more dairy like yogurt and cheese. We switched back but there are still some of those patches. I guess my question is what do you guys think? Was it the formula and it just is working itself out or is it all dairy? Or something else entirely?


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