Our backyard is finally finished!

 Barrett and I were watching the boys work and he was enjoying playing with a piece of sprinkler... Then we counted rocks while transferring them from cup to cup in his stroller...
 Grandpa Ridl ran the trencher while TJ and Uncle Chris laid the sprinkler pipes in the ground... It sure got done quickly that way!
 The sprinkler system that was in the ground was so messed up! Whoever had installed it had put in three times as much pipe and stuff [we think so he could charge more?] and it took all three of the guys to figure out what was going where. It was such a mess... It's so nice to know that it's all done right :)

The after photos! So nice! I love that there is nice grass for Barrett to crawl around in and he loves it too! As you can see, so does Bogey! Thanks guys for doing such an awesome job and making our backyard so perfect! :)


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