What I want you to know....

I have been trying to figure out what the point of this blog is. In the beginning it was just a fun way to document our daily life in words and pictures. I love reading blogs and some of the best ones seem to have a purpose. That purpose is always hugely relevant which I'm guessing is how they become so popular.

It's becoming clearer to me what I have been called to do in this life. So many people are meant to do huge things and be in the spotlight. I'm not. Did you see "The Bible" on the History channel? Because it was one of the most viewed shows I'm guessing it impacted SO many lives. Mine is one of them. There are so many details that hit me hard while watching it but one struck me like a lightning bolt. Moses. He was hugely important and yet he stayed pretty close to home.

I am realizing more and more the most important thing I can do is teach my children how to love like Jesus. I don't want to take that lightly either. I want them to not only know, but also to feel His love, peace, and hope. I want them to know that there is hope because living in this sad and broken world it is so easy to get lost in pain. Raising kids who know His deep love can change the world because wouldn't it be a better place if that's what we all tried to do?

So I want this blog to become just that. I want to document what is so important for them to know. Sure, I'll post lots of pictures and talk about our trips to the day. But mixed in with all that I deeply hope and pray my kids will see Him through my life and our adventure.


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