One down.... many more to go!

Well, as this semester comes to a close I thought I should reflect a little bit. So here goes:

     First of all, I'm unbelievably thankful to have finally gotten into the nursing program. I truthfully have loved the process. I mean, sure some days have been hard and there have been times I just didn't feel like doing it any more. But I am almost an LPN! That's just exciting to me!
     Because of all the fun I had the first few years away at college, my GPA is a bit too low for the Weber State requirements to go through their RN program. At this point, it's looking like I'll probably work as an LPN for a year or so while taking some classes to raise my GPA. At first I was so discouraged. I'm starting to think it won't be that bad. Working as a CNA for almost eight years has really helped me through the LPN year so I can only imagine the same will be true once I get into the RN program. So I'm just taking things as they come. :)

In the meantime, my kids are getting so big and I'm loving the time I get with them. Barrett is finally talking and he says so many things! He knows all his colors and most animals and their sounds. He is so good at saying please and thank you! I love watching him make connections and can't wait to see him continue to grow. Devany is getting closer to walking every day! Her belly is so big she can't quite figure out her center of gravity which makes me laugh. Silly girl! :) TJ has been on swings and has been so much less stressed. We don't get to see each other very often which is really hard sometimes but I know it'll be worth it once I'm done.


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