ring in the new year!

well here we are! and my how things have changed!

i hope to stay on top of blogging this year! i anticipate a lot of exciting things are going to happen!!! however, since i haven't posted in a hecka long time, let's have a rundown on the end of 2009....

on october 19, tj aka
mr. ridl returned from afghanistan and since that day we have been glued at the hip. i mean it is ridiculous. nauseating. umm... yucky. i don't know what else to call it. all i know is i never thought i would be like this. i also never thought i would be this happy! :) YAY! well so far we've gone to a snowmobile show, wendover!, cabela's [like a million times] and in-n-out! of course we've had other small adventures but those are the majors! i am so so so excited to see where this is going! everyone get ready lol! :) anywho.... hm. guess that's it. i'm with tj. and loving it!

other than that... steph is moving back to montana which means i get to move back in with the parents........ umm... a lil nervous about that but i'm sure it'll work out ok. i'll be able to get my debt paid off and start school. those are my priorities so the rest will just have to work out!

as far as
2010 is concerned, here's what we've got planned so far! in february tj and i are going to a jazz game {vs the mavericks... who are going to kick the jazz's heineys of course!} then a couple weeks after that we're going to island park idaho for a snowmobile trip! we'll be gone for four days three nights and it's going to be quite the adventure! i am very excited because tj got me a "snomobile ensemble" so i'll look like a pro. and then i'll be driving along and fall so that will be embarassing... oh well! :) also, in july we are going to california for my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary which we all know is a big deal. i also have a friend getting married in iowa that we might go to..... so i guess really there aren't as many as i made it seem like. but it's going to be amazing!!!! wooooo! haha...

as far as work ugh. that's all there is to say. just sick of drunkies doing stupid things and hurting themselves and then boo-hooing to me! don't be an idiot and you'll be ok.

goals for this year:
1. make pillow therapy an acceptable practice on difficult patients
2. maintain current weight. {losing is too much work}
3. be happy.

wishing everyone else a year that is as amazing as mine will be! ;)


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