okie doke boys and girls.... let me just tell you a lil something about myself.

i am not sympathetic.

just thought i'd let you know. someone might should inform the boyfriend ;) ok so tj has been "ill" since oh last wednesday. maybe even tuesday. i say "ill" instead of ill because he has a sore throat and cold. i am sorry but it's a cold. you take medicine and keep on truckin'.... apparantly i am an evil dictator girlfriend who also ruins lives. after calling in sick with a freaking cold for the fourth day in a row [plus two days over the weekend] i told him if he's home sick again he isn't going to play the wii and he's going to help me clean. ha. that happened.

anyway, it made me realize that i'm going to be the mean parent in the family. sorry hypothetical kiddos. you're screwed! just remember not to ask me when you want something. haha.

i also have a pretty good feeling he'll be going to work tomorrow :)


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