she said yes!

well anyway, most of you are probably pretty aware of the fact that tj and i are getting married! :) as of january 16 we are officially engaged!

we are planning on being married on september 25, 2010 in ogden ut. we're going to get married at my old church, the log cabin one it's going to be amazing! just imagine in your head log cabin, leaves changing color, me in a stunning dress, tj looking dashing in his suit ;) yes yes it's going to be mah-valous dahling simply mah-valous :) i am really excited and so far all the plans are coming along so so well it really encourages me that we are doing what is supposed to be :)

other than that we're a pretty boring happily in love couple! we were getting some of our engagement pictures taken on monday and we nearly died. unfortunately, for once in my life i am completely serious. we were on a train bridge in taggart [i now realize the stupidity of that choice] when all of a sudden i looked back at tj and saw a train. instead of politely informing him that there was a train coming his way about to run him over, i simply started running. this strange behavior confused tj, since i rarely run, particularly with such enthusiasm. as a result of this, he looked back and seeing the train yelled, "TRAIN!" to which i replied I KNOW!!! oh my goodness i was terrified.

word of advice kids, don't play on train bridges. there is a very likely chance you will be run over. and die.


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