here we are up in island park, idaho. this is the second day we rode and we had such a blast! i definitely preferred this ride because we found an open play area where there were some jumps and tons of fresh powder. i even took a jump! everyone was so impressed that i was brave enough to jump the machine i was on....

i guess ignorance really is bliss ;)

fortunately, no major injuries happened this time... well at least not to tj. this girl nikki who went and really intelligently decided to go on a night ride {even though she has night blindness} crashed into a tree and got a concussion and banged up her leg really good. she even busted up her machine silly girl...

anyway, other than that we had a blast! i'm super excited for next year! :) every year we go just seems to get better! :)
on another note, tomorrow i am going to meet with the florist about wedding flowers. so far, we have booked the church, i found my dress, and we sent out save the date cards. i feel like we're doing pretty well so far. we still have about 200 days until our wedding but i'm sure that will go by so so fast! eek! :) i have been looking at ideas all over the place and am hoping things will come together just right! my favorite thing about the wedding is that we are going to have pies instead of traditional cake! i'm so excited to be different lol what's new right :)
i'm also working on some other surprises, but since they are surprises i can't tell ya all about them ;) sorry! :)


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