well friends, i had a very enjoyable day today! i spent it with my friend katie :) first we met with a florist about our flowers. we had so much fun deciding what kind of look i want, want tj likes, and of course, what i DON'T like. ;) well, she wanted to charge me $40 per table for the centerpiece idea that i wasn't even too crazy about. so katie and i decided we would look today for some other ideas and if we didn't find anything i could always add that to the flower contract.

BUT, we found some vases and created a very exciting and original idea for centerpieces. tell me what you think. so far we have seven different vases that all fit in the red/brown category. i am going to put one vase on each table and then they'll have different "flower" type things in them. some of them will also have the bendy brown, tall stick lookin things [sorry, i don't know what they're called...] then we're going to make and find all sorts of different picture frames that also fit in this color scheme and then on the tables we're going to put pictures from our engagement and whatever else up all around the vases... doesn't that sound so cute??? :) i'm super excited because i love how it looks and i love how different it will be :)

give me your opinions :)


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