the news of now...

well, lately, i have been LOVING looking at peoples' blogs! it inspires me to be an amazing blogger... but really i doubt that will happen.... in the meantime, here are some of my favorite blogs!

my favorite lately is this one! she has sooo many amazing ideas to create a wedding that is completely unique! it's where i've gotten most of my ideas for my wedding :) for example, this wedding shows off some of what i love! the rustic-y wood background setting and the idea of wearing a sweater! that's one of my most favorite things! :) anyway, i just wanted y'all to see my "inspiration wedding" we are taking so many little details from it! the pies, the hay bales, the twine with pics hanging, and we LOVE the food! i need to find some glass containers like they had for serving the drinks! also, i love the way the bride lined the aisle here with lanters. i'm looking for other ideas and things, and i don't wanna spill all the beans here but just thought i'd wet everyones' pallets :) we'll keep ya updated! so excited i figured out how to link things :) i'm getting better at it! :)


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