an update!

well... only 134 days left! woo! :) we are getting so so so excited! here's a little update :)

kym graduated from college! :) we had a really great dinner and celebration :) we are so proud of you kym :) after that, on sunday, we celebrated mother's day and had a really good time grilling burgers and visiting :)

as far as the wedding plans... we have sort of hit a road block lol :) we were going to have the wedding at the church where i grew up and the reception there also. however, after doing lots more research and thinking, i realized i wanted to have a more special outdoor event with games, a fire, sparklers, lights everywhere and fun and yummy food! so tj and i are battling out our ideas! ;) ok really, there isn't much of a battle going on. we pretty much agree on what we want! can't wait for all of our ideas to come together and to see the whole event! 134 days seems like an eternity! but i know it'll come quick... :)

other than that our lives are pretty much the same.... just work and life. i've been watching my parents' house while they go to lisa's graduation and tj is getting all of his "stuff" ready! he's movin! woo! oh and i got a new car :) it's a 2008 mazda 6 it's sooo cute! :) yay :) oh i also got a sort of "job promotion" as the unit secretary. it's a very delightful change from wiping bums and cleaning up vomit :)


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