so on saturday, we had such a good time! first, we went to my parents' house to celebrate my dad's birthday. we had fun eating BLTs and then delicious pineapple upside down cake mmmm :) we left Bogey at their house for the afternoon so that we could go shooting. we went up to this shooting range in ogden canyon. i loved it because it had little benches with tables for each shooter it was nice to  be able to rest stuff on there. made it easier to keep the guns steady because i'm not very good at that yet. anyway, we all took turns shooting at this metal bunny.

here i am shooting tj's baby. seriously, this thing is crazy! he has done so many alterations and upgrades to it. i am pretty sure it weighs about 80 pounds. it is an AR-15 and i think it's my new favorite gun to shoot. i am sad because i don't even enjoy shooting my little .380 :( it's just too hard to shoot because it's so small and has so much kick because of it's size. but i guess if it came down to needing it, it would get the job done. i still want to get my concealed carry permit. but i probably won't for a while longer.... anyway, after we got done shooting, we went over to eric's house {aka: uncle buck} and we grilled up some burgers and brats and started a campfire. it was such a blast! jill, megan, and i had so much fun taking shots and being silly :) i love hanging out with those girls! :)

bogey is getting SO big! i can't believe it! he's doubled his size in a month and he gained a whole pound in four days! he is such a little character and i feel so blessed to have him! i can't even imagine not having him! he loves to chase tj's laser on the floor and it's so cute because he can't quite figure out what it is and why he can't catch it! he had so much fun yesterday hanging out with lucy [my parents' boxer] they just play for hours and hours on end! bogey boy is still recovering today. i can't believe how sleepy he is!


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