what a week!

wow! i can't believe how quickly this week has flown by!

i started school and i am loving every minute of it! :) i am taking biomedical core and chemistry. so far they're both going really well. we're also getting close to the wedding! thank goodness. i am ready for it to be her and done. i know that sounds terrible. honestly, after waiting for this moment for nine months i am just ready to be done. i wish i hadn't had such a long engagement.... but that doesn't matter now :) we just gotta get things done! :) i am realizing how many more little detail things i need to do and i'm hoping i don't go insane! tj's family and my family are meeting up on saturday to discuss all the little details and get things done... so hopefully i'll know better where we are by then....

yesterday katie came over and did my hair. then, steph, la dawn, and i went and took a bunch of pictures of me in my wedding dress. they turned out so pretty! i'm really excited about them! it's funny because i didn't even think i wanted to do bridals. i'm so glad steph pushed me a little to get them done! honestly, i wasn't even sure we were going to be able to do them because it was pouring down rain all morning! gotta love utah weather! 

anyway, last saturday, we went to the mall and got a bunch of stuff for tj.... he is so excited for football this year. he says he's even more excited this year than he's been any other year. he got a license plate frame, a freezer beer mug, and a new hat. then, after we got back, he ordered a new hoodie and a shirt for me to wear when we go to his parents' house to watch games. he also wants to go to a game at some point, which would be ok... at least then i wouldn't feel so silly wearing all this packers' gear :)

bogey is getting SO huge! it's unbelievable! he has been sleeping a ton, so i'm sure he's growing even more! he has been sleeping in the funniest positions lately too and i just love him so much!


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