meet bogey

here is our newest addition! his name is Bogey :) we got him on June 15 :) he was only 6 weeks old at the time and weighed 6.3 pounds. he is the cutest little beagle ever! when we first got him, he slept so much and was always wanting to cuddle with one of us while he slept. he's so funny now he never wants to be touching anyone while he's sleeping. and now he sleeps on his back with his front paws bent over his little chest and his bottom legs spread all out. it's very funny but also kind of inappropriate. i guess we have a naughty lil pup. ;) i took him to the vet three days ago and he's doubled his weight! i can't believe how huge he is now! he can even jump on the couch now so there is no escaping him! :) his favorite thing to do right now is chew (obviously) and he loves his rawhide. thank goodness otherwise it would be the furniture! he is starting to figure out his howl and it's sooo so cute! unfortunately, he discovered his bark right away so we are constantly struggling to keep him from barking. anyway, i just wanted everyone to meet the cutest, funniest, biggest character of a puppy that ever lived!


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