wedding craft!

here is a craft i made last night for the wedding. :) i LOOOOVE it! i think it's something we can keep for a long time in our home :) i made it with a scrap piece of wood i found at my parents' house and then i used a wood burner to carve into the wood. i'm really excited because i think we can put it on the dessert table and it totally goes with the theme of our wedding: country/rustic :) i'm also thinking of making more with the names of the games that we're going to have at the reception as well as one that will say "ridl/verhoeven wedding" or something along those lines so people will know where the wedding is :)

also, i went to pick up my dress on wednesday, and when i was trying it on with the jacket, the stupid woman ripped the back lol... so i'll be picking it up next wednesday. :) no biggie :) cathy and i are going to make the invitations this weekend and so we need to get the pics printed and all that goodness :) i'm excited things are coming together really well :)


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