God's timing is the best timing!

wow! what a glorious day! i am so so so thankful for everything God is! for those of you who don't know, today was the final court date to establish permanency for Job... basically, it came down to two options. number one, my mom could relinquish her rights of her own free will and there would be no charges from the state based on her previous "discretions" or she could choose to fight the state to get her parental rights back and also get Job back. however, if she chose to go this route, the state would bring up all of her previous mistakes and would open them up to the judge. fortunately for little Job, she chose to do what was best for him, even though i'm sure it was hard for her. she terminated her parental rights. honestly, i am so excited and grateful that God is who he is and that He answers prayers. at first, when all of this was going down, i was so concerned that it was going to take too long and that Job would end up going right back to my mom. i was so worried. fortunately, God in His wisdom knew the perfect family for Job and what he needs. his foster family is THE most amazing family that could possibly be there for Job. anyway, thank you everyone for your constant prayers and for supporting me because that really means a lot to me and really helps Job too :) so thanks! :)

 anyway, if you could continue to keep Job and his foster family in your prayers that would be awesome! we still have to go through the waiting process and through the adoption process. although really that hopefully won't take too long....


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