let's catch up :)

well... i have had so many things going on... sorry to be so lame. after monday (the awesome day that it was!) we went about our normal and not so exciting week... then on the weekend we went to draper for a snowmobile show. tj and i met his friend Bob there and we had a good time. it was really fun we got to see different sleds and all kinds of crazy things they try to sell to snowmobilers... tj got a "flip jack" i don't know exactly what that means but i guess it makes it easier because he doesn't have to kick off the ice or something. of course tj saw a few sleds he wanted to buy ;)

on sunday, we went to dinner with Job and his foster family. we had a really good time. it is always so neat to see how he's growing and changing, especially in the way he interacts with us :) we had an interesting time choosing new names for Job. he doesn't like his name because people say it wrong. they are also wanting to change his name because it would be a kind of new start.... so for now they are thinking Joseph Owen B. he would go by joe and his initials would still be job.

yesterday was a really exciting day! my friend megan found out that she was pregnant so she was going to decorate her husbands car to tell him. after i got out of class, we went up on base and put ducks all along his dashboard, rattles hanging from ribbons in his windows, baby stuff from the rearview window, and baby booties in the windows :) anyway, we had a really good time surprising him :)

so that's where we are now... this weekend we don't have much exciting going on. i work on saturday and tj has his uta from saturday until next saturday. all i can say is it's gonna be a super long week... keep us in your prayers! :)


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