family time

yesterday was an awesome day for our little family. it's crazy how drastically having a baby will change your relationship with your hubba bubba.... i think tj and i had been kind of on a downward slide for a little bit. we both have been so exhausted we were short with each other, barely communicating, basically doing whatever we could to make conversations shorter so we could sleep or even rest in front of the tv. this wasn't a purposefully hurtful thing.... we just kind of got complacent. i'm pretty sure it would happen to anyone. maybe not. anyway, i broke down to him. he held me and yesterday was the first day after that happened. it's amazing how much people can change if we try! yesterday after he got home from work was awesome! we were talking more, we shut off the tv so we wouldn't turn into zombies, we were nicer to each other, and offered to help each other with different things we were trying to get done. the best part was that it wasn't that hard and it helped soooo much! honestly, it probably sounds so basic but when you fall into a rut sometimes you don't even realize it!

i am so thankful that God blessed me with tj and i want to do everything i can to make sure we have an awesome relationship! i feel like i should treat him better than before we were married because it's a greater honor to be married to him than just "dating" or whatever.... anyway, this has kind of turned into me rambling thoughts and stuff... last night was so fun because we went on a walk and talked and it helped Barrett be less cranky! which is a new trick i'm going to remember!


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