welcome september

Holy Cow! Is it seriously almost September already?! How did this happen???? Anyway, in the past few weeks Barrett has gotten HUGE! It's insane how quickly he's growing! He still hasn't rolled over or laughed yet but he is so close! He loves to lay on the floor on his play mat especially when we put a mirror at the top so he can stare at himself. He pretty much knows he's a little stud! :) I just love him to pieces! Sadly, he's started to teeth already! I know. It's crazy! But poor little guy has all the symptoms. I feel so sad for him and just wish I could help him more! It was kind of funny [as in ironic, not haha] the other night TJ and I were both at our wits end and just didn't know what to do. I had been texting Cathy about his teething and she asked if we had prayed. DOH! I felt like an idiot. I had been so wrapped up in poor little guy's misery that I hadn't even prayed. So we prayed and I know my dad and Cathy prayed too. And little boy was still uncomfortable but it was less stressful for me.... So anyone who is dealing with teething babes {or really anything} just pray first. It will really help!

Also, I enrolled in a master esthetician program! I am beyond excited! I wish I could express in words how happy I am about this new path! I am supposed to start on October 24th but really I wish I could start tomorrow! :) Today, TJ called and said they might be moving him to swings and if they do that I will be super sad and not really sure what we'll do then because all of our plans would have gone kaput. We are going to meet with the admissions people at Marinello tonight because they have a full time option and the hours are different so hopefully between the two schools we'll have something figured out!

So that's kind of where we are at right now.... :)


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