peas. mmm....


I can't believe how quickly the time is passing! Barrett is already four months and he is so big! I have been giving him rice cereal for a short time now and the pediatrician gave me the green light to start him on other solids. She suggested veggies first because they're less sweet and that way he won't refuse them later. She also said I need to give one type for a few days before introducing another kind so that if there is any reaction I'll know what it's to and be able to not give him that anymore. I was given a Baby Bullet as a shower gift so I was even more excited about trying veggies with him! I am not an "organic" type person nor am I anti packaged stuff but I also think that fresh is best. So I definitely want to give Barrett fresh, homemade baby food as often as possible. But I also realize there will be times when I compromise and give him jarred, store-bought baby food. Anyway, I decided today we would start with peas! :) mmm! Haha :) Let me just tell you, HE LOVED THEM! I am so excited to continue trying new foods with this guy! I am very hopeful that he likes food and is less picky than his dad..... 

 Before: He is so happy to just sit in his bouncy seat because he can see what's going on :)

 I steamed one cup of frozen peas then added a half cup of formula to thin it out. 

 Side view. LOL

 Finished product. Yummy? Barrett thought so! :)

 mmmm! See his pea green grin! 

The best part is that it made seven servings! And it was SO easy! 

So, Thanks Tye and Lisa for the awesome gift! Barrett and I love it! :)

Also, just thought I would let you know that I had my gallbladder out on Thursday. I am very glad I did; apparently it was more enlarged than she thought it was. Plus, I'm glad I got it done while TJ is still home. He leaves next week to go to New Mexico for a few weeks. There is no way I would be able to take care of Barrett alone after the surgery. I'm not even allowed to lift him :( It stinks but I would rather "follow the rules" now than make things worse and have to have another surgery blah blah blah.... Anyway, I'm healing up ok. I'm sore but it's getting better every day. I'll be happy when I am back to my normal self!


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