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Man this month is ZOOOOOMING by! Geesh! We've had a great month too :) We've spent incredible time with friends and family, Barrett is growing growing growing, TJ and I are still loving being parents, and we're just trucking along!

On Saturday the 19th, TJ got his parents to watch Barrett overnight while he took me to the Alaskan Inn in Ogden Canyon. He was so sweet by booking us the Northern Lights room which was amazing! When we got there, there were rose petals on the floor and candles and the shabang! Super sweet :) The room was so neat because there were LED lights all over the ceiling and then there was a pretty mural that was painted with paint that glowed in the dark because of a black light. Between those two features, it really did look like the northern lights. [At least what I imagine them to look like, someday I'll see them for real!]

Thursday was Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday! I think I love it so much because people are genuinely grateful for what they have. They aren't "wanting" and "needing" and whining and all that baloney that comes with Christmas and so many other seasons. I really think the world would be a more incredible place if we all were more thankful for what we have and more content. We have become so incredibly wrapped up with wanting "bigger", "newer", "faster" and it's sad. Trust me, I'm not saying I am not included in that "we" because I absolutely am..... I am basically just making an observation....

Anyway, on turkey day we went to the Plain City Fire Department and ate with a bunch of friends. It was such a great time and we definitely felt blessed. :)


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