Broccoli and rice

So I decided to make broccoli and brown rice for Barrett. I feel like this is something that we as a family will eat and it's mostly nutritious. :) {That's why I chose brown instead of white rice...} Basically, all you do is cook the rice and the broccoli. [I think it's ironic I am using my rice cooker for the broccoli instead of the rice haha] Then combine them and blend. I used a stick blender because it gives more of a "rough chop" than a puree but just do what your baby needs. Also, now that he's bigger and I feel ok about it, I add a little bit of provolone cheese on top when I warm it up to give it a little extra flavor. Yum!

 Steaming the broccoli

 Cooked brown rice

Finished product!

I added ginger because "they" say it helps with gas.... Honestly I'm not convinced. You probably have to add a substantial amount and I didn't because I didn't want to completely change the flavor of the broccoli. Maybe I'll add more for the next cube I warm up for him and see if it makes any difference.

I love our broccoli with lemon juice and butter melted on top and then a bit of parmesean cheese sprinkled over it. I think that would be another option for this!  


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