A few new pics...

 The two pictures above make me laugh so hard! Barrett got ahold of Bogey's rawhide and Bogey wasn't quite sure what to do! Although honestly I'm not sure that Barrett did either. :) I love that Bogey is licking his chops! I'm very glad Barrett didn't start chewing on the rawhide... although I'm pretty sure at some point he will, and he'll get into the dog food, and water... oh joy!

 Barrett has gotten the hang of feeding himself a little bit! He loves it! I am not going to lie, I love it also! It's kind of nice to sometimes have the option of putting him in his high chair with little bites of food and he'll stay occupied for a bit.

 The toy dinosaur he's chewing on here has a bouncy part in the middle and it bounces balls out of it. It's supposed to encourage kids to move, which I suppose it does because Barrett keeps getting stuck in all kinds of awkward positions trying to get those balls. I'm guessing it won't be too long before he's on the move! eek!

 TJ and I got Chinese food for dinner last night and Barrett was trying to grab daddy's bowl! It was super funny. So TJ gave him a little bit of rice from the ham fried rice and Barrett LOVED it! I would imagine so! LOL lots of flavor! He kept reaching up to his mouth to make sure it was all in there and that there wasn't any on his face. Very funny :)

Barrett and I were having some serious cabin fever this morning so we decided to go for a walk. I was nervous that it would be really cold but it was surprisingly tolerable outside!We were walking for nearly an hour and then I decided we should go in because Barrett's chubby cheeks were cold... I'm pretty sure he was fine and would have been quite content to stay outside though! I'm thinking we'll be going on more walks in the future!


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