Random pics

The past few weeks have been SO busy!!! We had a going away party for Tye. I'm so sad she's leaving but am excited that her family will get to be together again! We alsi had Barrett's birthday and I feel like the WORST mom because I didn't take any pictures. We went swimming for a little bit with Steph and Treyson but couldn't stay long because he had just had tubes placed in his ears and the putty fell out. :( we've been going walking/jogging most mornings which the kiddos LOVE. I'm so excited to get my new double jogging stroller hopefully by Monday. Devany has a new friend at Daycare. Her name is Maizlin and they sqwak, spit, talk, and laugh with each other. Isnt it cute how girls connect hehe :) 


Jessie said...

I wish we hadn't have missed B's birthday! I'm so excited for your double jogger. I have been dying for one!

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